Raffle Ticket - Win a Conversation with Martha Stitt

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One winner will be selected for a one-to-one conversation with this art therapist extraordinaire! Please view images and for more information and to view their personal art. INTERLOCKING EXPERIENCES CREATE A FOUNDATION MARTHA C. STITT, ATR-BC, LPCC-S, LICDC-CS, HLM-BATA Topics available for discussion: • The importance of ART and ART MATERIALS • Developmental Stages of Children’s Art • Welcome to AATA, DVATA, & BATA - their history and importance. • People I have known in the field and chance meetings. • Business skills that are needed as an art therapists • Be flexible…your art therapy classes are going to be held in the “bridal suite” • Quakers, Siggy and why did he live on the front porch of Scattergood? • If you are getting burned-out, try doing these things before you leave • Always increase your skills and credentials! • Introspection teaches you to observe yourself and your mental processes, and this helps you understand yourself and others. • Teaching/supervising others, teaches you how to be a better teacher/supervisor. • What teaches you to become a good art therapist? • 2-3 questions/topics of your choice

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